Client N, Edinburgh

“I thought that my counsellor Sam brought things to light in a way that I hadn't thought of before. I found this very useful, as when I then thought of what she meant, it made sense to me. Therefore with the help of Sam exploring these various aspects of my situation, gave me a greater understanding of the bigger picture".

Client D, Edinburgh

“Sam gave me a space to let me process my thoughts and come to terms with what was going on in my head”.

Client D, Midlothian

“I was apprehensive but it was a positive experience overall. My counsellor immediately made me feel comfortable. Although we discussed difficult subjects, I always felt relaxed. I truly got the impression she cared about what I was telling her too. Most of all, she was reasonable and fair, and helped me see things from a completely different angle. She gave me the confidence to deal with my grief, and some tools for doing so”.Client D, Edinburgh

Client C, Edinburgh

“It was exactly what I needed”. 

Client L, Edinburgh

“I think it has opened a lot of new opportunities for me and has helped me to find the strength to face problems on my own and handle them in a different way”.

Client D, Edinburgh

"I was at counselling for bereavement, and one of the most important benefits was me allowing myself to grieve! I also realised I had made a lot of assumptions about other people in my family, and how they were feeling. It has given me the confidence to deal with difficult emotions, and I have taken this to the rest of my family and our communication has greatly improve".