image of SamTaking the first steps into counselling and finding the right counsellor may seem a daunting process. I am here to listen and provide a safe and confidential environment where you can start to make sense of what is difficult for you.

How can we make sense of this inner turmoil when we cannot understand what is happening to us?

Sometimes in life, we may experience situations and emotions that are unfamiliar and overwhelming. These emotions are expressed through various feelings which may include but not limited to: feelings of loneliness, confusion, depression, anxiety, anger, fear, frustration and stress. Not really knowing how to respond to such emotions and situations often makes us feel helpless and stuck.

How can we move forward when we have lost any sense of purpose or meaning?

That's where counselling can really help. It provides a safe space for an individual to express how they're feeling and through this trusting client-counsellor relationship, you can really begin to open up about issues that were perhaps bottled up. It enables a person to explore in depth what is troubling them and work through these underlying issues.